Tuesday, February 7, 2017


      I was watching online news on the inauguration for the 45th president of the United State of America. Before that, as part of the celebration the outgoing first couple (The Obamas) stands at the entrance of White House to welcome in the incoming first couple (The Trumps). Melania then gives Michelle a gift (as we now know it to be a gift box from Tiffany) the awkward look etched on Michelle Obama’s face and the few agonizing seconds of her not knowing what to do with the gift was priceless. Barack had to take the gift from her to give one of the White House staffs handle it so that the official photos can be taken.        
  The awkward look on Michelle face was the face seen round the world. It had viral memes on the internet. The funny parts were the comments for the comment sections of the online news. One comment stood out to me that made me LOL. It said Melania was giving Michelle the speech she stole back
I can’t help but wonder why the Trumps or Melania especially felt it was necessary to publicly bring a gift. Was she thinking it was going to a nice house warming gift or a going away gift for the Obama’s and the nation to have a positive image about them ……….Really?

 I think it is safe to say in the history of American inaugurations, there have never been a gift exchange between presidential couples and if so, I don’t think it was done publicly.  Well I don’t think we should be surprised at antics of the Trumps. From reviving the Keystone pipeline to the travel ban of Muslims and refuges into the state. In the words of Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts”, Americans will definitely be living in the “alternative reality” of Donald Trumps

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Joke Finally Happened.

      Last year, when Donald Trump and his wife Melania came down an escalator and announced his nomination to run for the presidency in his Trump Tower; many Americans and I thought that is was a joke.  I really didn’t pay much attention to his nomination until all other GOP nominees fell like dominos in the republican campaigns (all 16 of them) leaving Donald Trump to be the last man standing. Surprising, it wasn’t even a close race with other nominees, it landslide on the polls for him.  
Trump definitely has his supporters to thank because they said he was saying what’s on everyone’s mind and for having the balls to say it whether he was wrong or not (well his first amendment right was definitely working overtime). In this election, he butted heads with Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party and the unthinkable happened: DONALD TRUMP IS NOW OUR PRESIDENT-ELECT. Vladimir Putin also congratulates Trumps (not that we didn’t see that coming).
I thought Hillary had this election in the bag, right from Trump’s racist, misogynist and bigotry comments to his pussy grabbing-gate; and from her deleted emails to wiener-gate emails; but as I watched yesterdays’ election unfold on TV and saw how slowly Hillary’s electoral votes came behind Trumps, I felt a sense of dread even my brother in Africa understood my pain. I chose not watch the rest of the election until it was announced that Donald Trump was going to be the 45TH president of the United State of America. Well since he is now the next president, nothing is going to surprise me anymore. I guess KANYE WEST FOR PRESIDENT 2020 is definitely going to happen.

Monday, November 7, 2016

No To Female Leaders?!! Really?

I came across this YouTube video titled “Trump Supporter: Jesus Wants Trumps, No Female Leaders!.  In the video, a politics reporter for TYT (The Young Turks) an online news web series attended a Trump rally in North Carolina. He interviewed a woman (I will call her Trumpness). The Q&A conversation Trumpness had with the reporter baffled me so much.  It stood out of all interviews he had with other people with bigotry comments at the rally.  
Trumpness quotes “I don’t believe that there should be a woman president”. When asked why not, she quoted “I believe in Christianity, I see that she does not stand for the Christianity”. The reporter asked her if Christianity says there shouldn’t be a woman president.  Trumpness said Christianity does not say but she does not believe there should be women leaders; and that women should step back from politics like this especially from the White House.  Watching this video, I was surprised to see that women like Trumpness set the progression of women backwards. I wondered; would she not support republican women like Condoleezza Rice, Ann Coulter, Kellyanne Conway if they were running for presidential office or has she forgotten Sarah Palin; first female governor of Alaska who ran for vice president with senator John McCain in 2008 against president Obama. Would her comments be the same? I guess not Wow! What a hypocrite!
My mind kept racing to how far women in America has come right from the Women Suffrage in the 19th century to the Feminist Movement in the 1970’s and now the 21st century where there is possibility of a women being the president of the United State (the most powerful country in the world).
 I believe during these iconic and progressive times for women, they faced oppositions not only from men but also from very ignorant women like Trumpness.
 Comments like these from people like Trumpness solidifies the Republican stereotypes that they are Bible thumpers, anti-feminists and their strong beliefs in traditional gender roles. You know, men go to work and bring home the bacon while women become Suzy Homemakers (cook, clean and make babies). Elections suppose to be a time we choose a new president to help or change our failing situations but this election 2016 is bringing out the ugly in people.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen

This is a mind blowing video of a father shooting his spoiled daughter laptop after he came across a rude and explicit letter she wrote on her facebook space about him and the family while trying to fix the laptop for her.
The video is about 8mintues long and as the father read her letter I cringed at the choice words Hannah used for her father. I wondered can a teen be this cruel, spoiled and brainless? OMG children no longer respect their parents or have any regard for their parents but themselves. Right now the video now has over 31 million viewers and (clapping) I give Tommy Jordan a big hand for what his did to address the situation. It not what I would recommend or do when I have kids but it certainly a way to put you foot down to a rebellious and spoilt child, whose crying out loud over some menial house chores she is to do AND suppose to do.
Where is the tough love?
Teens like Tommy Jordan’s teen make it difficult for parents to appreciate them when they need to be appreciated or make parent to really go overboard with their punishment. Hannah’s generation, that is this day in age generation of youths are very very disrespectful that is why the kind of Tommy Jordan’s Wake-up call is needed.
I understand teenagers because I was once a teenager. I know they act out, or teenage years are rebellious time, and trying to adapt and understand the world around them especially pop culture.
The media has really fueled today’s teenage rebellion, especially when there is plenty of time in their hands. When Hannah suppose to be doing her chores, she uses all that time to curse her parents explicitly and publicly on Facebook FACEBOOK!!!! Is she kidding me? Apparently Tommy Jordan provides all the necessities for his daughter like every parents should but Hannah felt she is above daughterly duties because they already have a maid to do that for her and (here it come) he suppose to pay her seriously??? (the spoilt brat walks all over him)
I grew up in Africa, where child upbringing is so different (definitely not being spoilt). Growing up in third world country like Nigeria, where there is poverty, corruption and not much opportunities like here in America; being spoilt is a big luxury, being disrespectful is absolutely not allowed and cursing your parents is unheard of. In Africa, we don’t spare the rod and spoilt the child. When I was disrespectful or don’t do my chores, I was whipped, caned, slapped and punished. At the end of the day I learnt how to respectful and responsible.
I watched other people’s response to the Tommy Jordan’s; Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen YouTube video, 90% of the response were positive and approved his way confronting his spoiled daughter. They said he did the right thing of shooting her laptop as a way of getting the upper hand. 5% were mixed, they like his confrontation but not the laptop shooting and the remaining 5% were down right negative; some said stuff like he has traumatized her with the shooting, it not going to solve the problem with her, he should be arrested, he shouldn’t have to spy on her laptop, and that she is a teenager, she has the right vent out what she feels blah blah etc. Among those negative responses is that of D.r Phil saying Tommy Jordan’s approach was very childish, the use of bad judgment and do not seem to solve the problem.
Jordan responded to D.r Phil video whose use his problem solving show for rating and money (Ha!! What a hypocrite). I watched one of D.r Phil shows where a little boy slapped his own mother on camera and all D.r Phil could say it that the child is traumatized by his mother. D.r Phil should just should just shut up and do what he does best of begin annoying. When I was her age, I didn’t have any computer but I was still taught responsibility. Hannah really has to wake up and know how good she has it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First Dates: the Do’s and the Don’ts.

“There’s always a first time” this is a popular quote by someone trying something for the first time and people’s first trial of anything in life is often the most memorable time of their lives, so going for the first date is a very critical moment in any relationship. You want to put your best attitude forward by making a good impression. A first date can either be a wonderful experience, smooth and easygoing or can end up being a total disaster. Well fear not, to have a comfortable and delightful date; here are some first dates do’s and don’ts from a dating site named First Date: Do's and Don't, DatingAdvice.biz :http://www.datingadvice.biz/first-date.html.

The Dos…
§ Be on time: Being punctual is very important because there is no such thing as “fashionably late”. This can be overlooked on other dates but not on the first date or else your date will think you stood him or her up.
§ Dress for the occasion: Dress to look good and feel comfortable. Always arrive well groomed. Rushing to a date from work looking disheveled or overdress is not the best way to begin.
§ Be polite and courteous: Impolite remarks or impatient behavior is offensive. Show respect for and towards your date by being nice and having a positive attitude.
§ Be a good Listener: When you listen carefully, the conversation flows along. This will let your date feel good and important and notice more positive characters in you. Try not to ask too many personal questions.
§ Have a moderate conversation: Have a light conversation on topics like work, education, hobbies, sports, kids (if they have any) and knowing each others background.
The Don’ts…
§ Don’t order sloppy food: Choose your food with care, most especially when you are not the one paying for the meal. Stay away from the greasy foods or meal that might embrace you in front your date.
§ Do not mention your ex boyfriend or girlfriend or ex-spouse.: Do not talk about or mention your past romantic liaisons. It just comes off as insecurity. Your date is with you because she finds some value in you. Your first date is not a therapy session.
§ Do not assume that he or she will pay: No matter who invites whom, it is always a nice gesture to offer to pay for the meal or pay half the check.
§ Do not get drunk: Keep to your alcohol intake to a limit. This is a bad gesture and is very embracing.
§ Do not talk on your phone: There is nothing is ruder than for you to be talking on your cell phone, or checking messaged constantly while on a date. It expresses rudeness and that you may also be bored and uninterested in your date making him or her feel insecure and upset. So wait until the end of your date to check messages and if you must talk on your phone on and answer it, keep your talk short
With this few pointers on the first dates do's and don'ts, we hope it will helps put you on the right track to having a wonderful first date.
the lesson is First Dates are often nerve racking and can often leave us shy but it is most important make
a good first impression and be safe.

Why so much sex and not enough love?

I watched the movie titled The 40- Year-Old Virgin and I must say, it was the best movie I have watched so far. This movie not only got great review for Hollywood’s toughest critics but it became an iconic movie in pop culture. I wondered how in a sex crazed/sex charged country like America this movie was a success among young people. The American culture (sex-saturated society) sends sexual messages through peer pressure and media that everyone is and should be having sex at all time, with lots of partners; that is why it seems laughable to the some people when they discover someone is a virgin. Andy world turn upside- down when his co-workers and friends discovered that he was a virgin.
It is very funny movie but it’s real-life because the message is; not everything have to be about sex, or losing ones virginity to find love or to feel better among friends. In the movie, I see a nice, hardworking, and sweet guy who does not know how to go about love, dating, and sex. He has pretty much given up on women and found solitude in his apartment; painting his action figures and playing his video games instead.
You get to wonder that Andy’s life is no fun at all for a single man like him. He should be out there dating and not be in seclusion or letting his co-workers make his decision of getting laid for him.
The film brilliantly is a combination of sweet and very offensive dialogs not good for young people under the age of 15.
The sex comedy teaches a very good message for teens and adults alike on topics like abstinence, love and having safe sex. These topics are discussed in a very funny but real way; it is like teaching sex education with crude humor and foul language.
Metaphorically, the countless toys and action figures replaced Andy’s virginity because it is the only way he had fun. When someone decides to lose his or her virginity, they must consider the right time and the right partner.
His unwillingness to approach women continued until he meets the woman of his dream Trish.
Before Andy met Trish he had to leave the comfort zone of his home to go with his co-workers to bars, hook-up parties, and look groomed for the ladies (the chest waxing scene). Funny enough it took him a long time to lose his virginity to her.
I read a surprising report on older virgins from a blog, by a San Francisco journalist Michael Castleman. The blog is titled Are There Really 40-Year-Old Virgins? The reports say
The study found two significant associations with older virginity: regular attendance at
religious services and abstinence from alcohol. However, in my interviews with older virgins and with the therapists who counsel them, those factors appear much less important than profound shyness, social awkwardness, and general discomfort with the opposite sex and the whole idea of physical intimacy with another person. As one told me: "I shut myself off. I can't really explain why, except to say I was very shy. I was keenly interested in women, but they intimidated me. I had no idea how to get beyond casual friendships to anything romantic, no idea at all.
"Fortunately, there's help for older virgins, surrogate partner
therapy. In fact, today, a substantial proportion of surrogate partners' clients are older virgin men. (Michael Castleman, 2011).
Everything Michael Castleman said in his blog, are the attributes of Andy the 40-Year-Old virgin. He is so socially inept with the woman and it like he cannot seem to get it on.
In the movie, I see his earlier sexual attempts with girls but his body seems to shut down or repel the girls. In the long run, the lesson learnt in the movie is that it is never too late to find love with that special someone to share ones life with.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kerrelyn Sparks Love at Stake Series Novels

I am a big fan of all the Love at Stake Series; as a matter of fact reading the books open my thirst for paranormal romance stories. I like a dose of modern reality into fantasy with a twist of comedy. I even prefer Kerrelyn books to those of Lynsay Sands (in her books vampires get away with everything. Yuck!!!!!)

The Good
The very first book I read was The Undead Next Door. The title alone was enough to poke my curiosity but, when I read the book, Behold!!!!!! My thirst (interest) began.
My favorite book of all Love at Stake Series is The Undead Next Door and I want to thank Kerrelyn for this one in particular because the heroine in the book Heather is a plus size woman. It is not every day one reads a romance novel with an average size heroine. She did not use the usual skinny fashion models that most romance authors use for the hero of their books (she could have but you didn’t especially NOT!!!!!! Simone). It is like a romance novel for plus size women.
Jean-Luc likes his women with more meat on their bones. Yeah!!!!!!! Big boned women should also find love. I love it so much that I talked about it in my class: the assignment was (What is the favorite book you have read?). Next, I read Be Still My Vampire Heart, then Vamps and the City up until I finally read How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire then I was up to date and I wanted more…………….

The Bad

I loved every Love at Stake Book you wrote up until I read Vampire Mine.
Connor Buchanan, when I first read about his character, I know he would be a tough egg to crack. Of course I agree he is a cold-hearted SOB who would not even dream of doing what his friends, employer or even his master were doing (a hero with a heart of stone). Now here is where it goes south for me, she had to use an angle WHAT!!!! (Wowwww!!!!!! Why? Are earthly women are not worthy for him?)Why adding heavenly characters? For me to imagine an angle even with a vamp having sex is a turn off for me. I was hoping Connor hooks up with Alyssa Barnet since their first meeting in How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire (now that would have be a story to sink your teeth into) but you make matters worse
by letting Alyssa now have a crush on Connor when you already match him with Marielle.
It is not straight forward love like the rest of them; it’s more like a roller coaster of love (Boy!!!!! I am feeling dizzy). I have always savored all you love/sex scene but in Vampire Mine I had to skip it; like I said earlier, I can’t imagine or fantasize an angle having sex (is like making a holy thing unholy).
Imagine Father Andrew having sex ugghhhhh!!!!!! I am sad that you had to tragically end his character but at last got rid of Casimir (is about time). So for Vampire Mine, it is thumbs down from me.
Why adding heavenly characters? For me to imagine an angle even with a vamp having sex is a turn off for me. I was hopin

And The Comm’on
Really!!!!!! Gregori and Abby the Daughter to the President, Really!! Kerrelyn Really!!?
A Vampire in-law to the first family? Really? What next? Zoltan Czakva weds Pippa Middleton? Really!! Kerrelyn. Won’t future presidents and security services be informed about the existence of vampires? Comm’on won’t that lead to more exposure?
Vampires were not only been exposed by the vindictive Corky Courrant, she then give her the nerve to show up at Gregori and Abby engagement party and hoping to get credit for the chain reaction of events she has caused. I know that Kerrelyn knows that vampires suppose to be a “secret society” (you might be trying to push the envelope) which I admire of her (you go girl!!!) but if I want to read or watch vampires coming out to the public or out of the coffin, I rather watch TRUE BLOOD ( love it, never miss an episode)
Sexiest Vampire Alive is filled with suspense and passion and just enough danger to keep one on the edge of your seat with a new enemy on board. (So long!!!! Casimir) Just how I like it.