Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First Dates: the Do’s and the Don’ts.

“There’s always a first time” this is a popular quote by someone trying something for the first time and people’s first trial of anything in life is often the most memorable time of their lives, so going for the first date is a very critical moment in any relationship. You want to put your best attitude forward by making a good impression. A first date can either be a wonderful experience, smooth and easygoing or can end up being a total disaster. Well fear not, to have a comfortable and delightful date; here are some first dates do’s and don’ts from a dating site named First Date: Do's and Don't, :

The Dos…
§ Be on time: Being punctual is very important because there is no such thing as “fashionably late”. This can be overlooked on other dates but not on the first date or else your date will think you stood him or her up.
§ Dress for the occasion: Dress to look good and feel comfortable. Always arrive well groomed. Rushing to a date from work looking disheveled or overdress is not the best way to begin.
§ Be polite and courteous: Impolite remarks or impatient behavior is offensive. Show respect for and towards your date by being nice and having a positive attitude.
§ Be a good Listener: When you listen carefully, the conversation flows along. This will let your date feel good and important and notice more positive characters in you. Try not to ask too many personal questions.
§ Have a moderate conversation: Have a light conversation on topics like work, education, hobbies, sports, kids (if they have any) and knowing each others background.
The Don’ts…
§ Don’t order sloppy food: Choose your food with care, most especially when you are not the one paying for the meal. Stay away from the greasy foods or meal that might embrace you in front your date.
§ Do not mention your ex boyfriend or girlfriend or ex-spouse.: Do not talk about or mention your past romantic liaisons. It just comes off as insecurity. Your date is with you because she finds some value in you. Your first date is not a therapy session.
§ Do not assume that he or she will pay: No matter who invites whom, it is always a nice gesture to offer to pay for the meal or pay half the check.
§ Do not get drunk: Keep to your alcohol intake to a limit. This is a bad gesture and is very embracing.
§ Do not talk on your phone: There is nothing is ruder than for you to be talking on your cell phone, or checking messaged constantly while on a date. It expresses rudeness and that you may also be bored and uninterested in your date making him or her feel insecure and upset. So wait until the end of your date to check messages and if you must talk on your phone on and answer it, keep your talk short
With this few pointers on the first dates do's and don'ts, we hope it will helps put you on the right track to having a wonderful first date.
the lesson is First Dates are often nerve racking and can often leave us shy but it is most important make
a good first impression and be safe.

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