Tuesday, February 7, 2017


      I was watching online news on the inauguration for the 45th president of the United State of America. Before that, as part of the celebration the outgoing first couple (The Obamas) stands at the entrance of White House to welcome in the incoming first couple (The Trumps). Melania then gives Michelle a gift (as we now know it to be a gift box from Tiffany) the awkward look etched on Michelle Obama’s face and the few agonizing seconds of her not knowing what to do with the gift was priceless. Barack had to take the gift from her to give one of the White House staffs handle it so that the official photos can be taken.        
  The awkward look on Michelle face was the face seen round the world. It had viral memes on the internet. The funny parts were the comments for the comment sections of the online news. One comment stood out to me that made me LOL. It said Melania was giving Michelle the speech she stole back
I can’t help but wonder why the Trumps or Melania especially felt it was necessary to publicly bring a gift. Was she thinking it was going to a nice house warming gift or a going away gift for the Obama’s and the nation to have a positive image about them ……….Really?

 I think it is safe to say in the history of American inaugurations, there have never been a gift exchange between presidential couples and if so, I don’t think it was done publicly.  Well I don’t think we should be surprised at antics of the Trumps. From reviving the Keystone pipeline to the travel ban of Muslims and refuges into the state. In the words of Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts”, Americans will definitely be living in the “alternative reality” of Donald Trumps

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