Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Favorite Writing

This is an excerpt from a novel titled “The Undead Next Door” by Kerrelyn Sparks.

Jean-Luc forgot to speculate when his gaze drifted back to the customer and stuck. She is moving into view, and what a view. She had curves. And breast. A derriere a man could grab on to. And mounds of curly auburn hair the fluffed her shoulders. She reminded him of lusty tavern wenches from medieval pubs who laughed heartily and made love with abandon.
Mon Dieu, how he had adored those women. She was like the old movie stars he had loved to design clothes for. Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner. His intellect might design clothes for a size zero, but the rest of him yearned for a lusty full-figured woman.

This is a paranormal romance novel or vampire romance novel. Heather is a plus-size, hardworking, single mother and teacher. Her quiet life was forever change when she came across a handsome, famous odd fashion designer named Jean-Luc. Jean-Luc is a vampire. The centuries’ old vampire had a taste for (attracted to) women that are full-figured or plus-size.
This is my favorite writing because Sparks is able to connect with her readers like me; the everyday average woman. She uses reality mixed with fantasy to stomp out the media’s presumption of beauty, which means being skinny or thin is good. Sparks could have easily used the cookie cutter skinny heroine that most romance novelist use but she chose not to; instead our heroine is a beautiful full-figured woman. This proves that plus-size women are also entitled to find love or romance.
Sparks does uses comparisons and imagery of the past and recent centuries on full figured women to relate to her readers.
The readers knew that old movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner represent plus size women the media portrayed as beautiful women. The lusty tavern wenches, was how Jean-Luc loved his women centuries old and plus sized.

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