Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Joke Finally Happened.

      Last year, when Donald Trump and his wife Melania came down an escalator and announced his nomination to run for the presidency in his Trump Tower; many Americans and I thought that is was a joke.  I really didn’t pay much attention to his nomination until all other GOP nominees fell like dominos in the republican campaigns (all 16 of them) leaving Donald Trump to be the last man standing. Surprising, it wasn’t even a close race with other nominees, it landslide on the polls for him.  
Trump definitely has his supporters to thank because they said he was saying what’s on everyone’s mind and for having the balls to say it whether he was wrong or not (well his first amendment right was definitely working overtime). In this election, he butted heads with Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party and the unthinkable happened: DONALD TRUMP IS NOW OUR PRESIDENT-ELECT. Vladimir Putin also congratulates Trumps (not that we didn’t see that coming).
I thought Hillary had this election in the bag, right from Trump’s racist, misogynist and bigotry comments to his pussy grabbing-gate; and from her deleted emails to wiener-gate emails; but as I watched yesterdays’ election unfold on TV and saw how slowly Hillary’s electoral votes came behind Trumps, I felt a sense of dread even my brother in Africa understood my pain. I chose not watch the rest of the election until it was announced that Donald Trump was going to be the 45TH president of the United State of America. Well since he is now the next president, nothing is going to surprise me anymore. I guess KANYE WEST FOR PRESIDENT 2020 is definitely going to happen.

Monday, November 7, 2016

No To Female Leaders?!! Really?

I came across this YouTube video titled “Trump Supporter: Jesus Wants Trumps, No Female Leaders!.  In the video, a politics reporter for TYT (The Young Turks) an online news web series attended a Trump rally in North Carolina. He interviewed a woman (I will call her Trumpness). The Q&A conversation Trumpness had with the reporter baffled me so much.  It stood out of all interviews he had with other people with bigotry comments at the rally.  
Trumpness quotes “I don’t believe that there should be a woman president”. When asked why not, she quoted “I believe in Christianity, I see that she does not stand for the Christianity”. The reporter asked her if Christianity says there shouldn’t be a woman president.  Trumpness said Christianity does not say but she does not believe there should be women leaders; and that women should step back from politics like this especially from the White House.  Watching this video, I was surprised to see that women like Trumpness set the progression of women backwards. I wondered; would she not support republican women like Condoleezza Rice, Ann Coulter, Kellyanne Conway if they were running for presidential office or has she forgotten Sarah Palin; first female governor of Alaska who ran for vice president with senator John McCain in 2008 against president Obama. Would her comments be the same? I guess not Wow! What a hypocrite!
My mind kept racing to how far women in America has come right from the Women Suffrage in the 19th century to the Feminist Movement in the 1970’s and now the 21st century where there is possibility of a women being the president of the United State (the most powerful country in the world).
 I believe during these iconic and progressive times for women, they faced oppositions not only from men but also from very ignorant women like Trumpness.
 Comments like these from people like Trumpness solidifies the Republican stereotypes that they are Bible thumpers, anti-feminists and their strong beliefs in traditional gender roles. You know, men go to work and bring home the bacon while women become Suzy Homemakers (cook, clean and make babies). Elections suppose to be a time we choose a new president to help or change our failing situations but this election 2016 is bringing out the ugly in people.