Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Fly On The Wall

I am in a room on campus called the “Music Room”. The room is where students came to read and unwind with various genre of music playing in the background.
It is more like a library with a radio studio. The Music Room is located on the top floor of the Student Union.
There are about fifty students in the room. The music room has chairs and tables for reading, eating and playing chess. The room is more like a lounge room with couches and sofas for relaxing, unwinding and sleeping. There are also three private cubicles for students who want study or sleep privately without being bothered.
I see students browsing on their laptops. All students except three have Mac-book laptops.
The other three students are using laptops of other brands like Toshiba, Sony etc.
There is a D.J (Disc Jockey) in a music booth alternating the genre of music played in the Music Room. The music is now reggae playing from the speakers installed into the ceiling walls. There is a picture of an artistically drawn woman on the wall.
A boy is eating a sandwich; a girl with her laptop is watching a TV show named "Top Model” on YouTube and a boy in a black jacket is whispering affectionately into the ear of his girlfriend, who constantly giggles at him. The radio is now playing an R&B (Rhythm and Blues) song from one of my favorite artist named Monica. The song is titled “Do Take It Personal”. I listen to the song and begin to feel at ease.

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