Monday, March 15, 2010

Mystery Character Revised

A poet and an entertainer is what I am.
I teach, write, act, produce, and recording artist. I have achieved Grammy Awards and collected many honorary degrees from across the United States.
I went to high school where I took drama and dance classes. I worked part time outside of school at many different jobs like a cook, cocktail waitress, streetcar conductor, and dancer. I became an unwed mother at sixteen, did drugs which I was not proud of, and moved to Africa for a while. I later, fell in love and married a man, but the marriage didn’t last.
To support my son, I had to take a job as a dancer and from there on I have being successful and started performing all over the United States and Europe.
I have seen sorrow and experienced pain.

I am getting old and wrinkled, because I am 80 years of age but my wisdom makes me feel younger. I am five foot three in height and I have a little white in front of my hair.I am an African-American woman

I inspire people and the media. To me the words are tools. I feel proud of my African heritage for I became assistant administrator of the School of Music and Drama in a University in Ghana. I read and study hard, I sing, dance, and speak five languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and a West African language Fanti. I am a good cook for I also wrote a cook book.
Today I just use my words of poetry as a weapon to heal, entertain and love.

Monday, March 1, 2010

ad problems

so of these ads have typos or has a wrong message to their ads

There is a typo in this newspaper headline. Most of us know this famous Rocker or Rock band’s name is Bon Jovi not Bob Jovi

There something wrong with this advertisment for organ donor. First, the ad seems to encorage people to sign up and go get their organs removed to save lives right away. Secondly,this looks more like an adoption ad poster for gay couples.