Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kerrelyn Sparks Love at Stake Series Novels

I am a big fan of all the Love at Stake Series; as a matter of fact reading the books open my thirst for paranormal romance stories. I like a dose of modern reality into fantasy with a twist of comedy. I even prefer Kerrelyn books to those of Lynsay Sands (in her books vampires get away with everything. Yuck!!!!!)

The Good
The very first book I read was The Undead Next Door. The title alone was enough to poke my curiosity but, when I read the book, Behold!!!!!! My thirst (interest) began.
My favorite book of all Love at Stake Series is The Undead Next Door and I want to thank Kerrelyn for this one in particular because the heroine in the book Heather is a plus size woman. It is not every day one reads a romance novel with an average size heroine. She did not use the usual skinny fashion models that most romance authors use for the hero of their books (she could have but you didn’t especially NOT!!!!!! Simone). It is like a romance novel for plus size women.
Jean-Luc likes his women with more meat on their bones. Yeah!!!!!!! Big boned women should also find love. I love it so much that I talked about it in my class: the assignment was (What is the favorite book you have read?). Next, I read Be Still My Vampire Heart, then Vamps and the City up until I finally read How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire then I was up to date and I wanted more…………….

The Bad

I loved every Love at Stake Book you wrote up until I read Vampire Mine.
Connor Buchanan, when I first read about his character, I know he would be a tough egg to crack. Of course I agree he is a cold-hearted SOB who would not even dream of doing what his friends, employer or even his master were doing (a hero with a heart of stone). Now here is where it goes south for me, she had to use an angle WHAT!!!! (Wowwww!!!!!! Why? Are earthly women are not worthy for him?)Why adding heavenly characters? For me to imagine an angle even with a vamp having sex is a turn off for me. I was hoping Connor hooks up with Alyssa Barnet since their first meeting in How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire (now that would have be a story to sink your teeth into) but you make matters worse
by letting Alyssa now have a crush on Connor when you already match him with Marielle.
It is not straight forward love like the rest of them; it’s more like a roller coaster of love (Boy!!!!! I am feeling dizzy). I have always savored all you love/sex scene but in Vampire Mine I had to skip it; like I said earlier, I can’t imagine or fantasize an angle having sex (is like making a holy thing unholy).
Imagine Father Andrew having sex ugghhhhh!!!!!! I am sad that you had to tragically end his character but at last got rid of Casimir (is about time). So for Vampire Mine, it is thumbs down from me.
Why adding heavenly characters? For me to imagine an angle even with a vamp having sex is a turn off for me. I was hopin

And The Comm’on
Really!!!!!! Gregori and Abby the Daughter to the President, Really!! Kerrelyn Really!!?
A Vampire in-law to the first family? Really? What next? Zoltan Czakva weds Pippa Middleton? Really!! Kerrelyn. Won’t future presidents and security services be informed about the existence of vampires? Comm’on won’t that lead to more exposure?
Vampires were not only been exposed by the vindictive Corky Courrant, she then give her the nerve to show up at Gregori and Abby engagement party and hoping to get credit for the chain reaction of events she has caused. I know that Kerrelyn knows that vampires suppose to be a “secret society” (you might be trying to push the envelope) which I admire of her (you go girl!!!) but if I want to read or watch vampires coming out to the public or out of the coffin, I rather watch TRUE BLOOD ( love it, never miss an episode)
Sexiest Vampire Alive is filled with suspense and passion and just enough danger to keep one on the edge of your seat with a new enemy on board. (So long!!!! Casimir) Just how I like it.

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