Saturday, April 24, 2010


P.E.T.A is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. It is an organization that focuses on Animal Rights or protecting animals; making sure that animals have the same rights that we humans do.

Peta! Peta! Peta! Frankly, in my humble opinion, I am really sick of this organization.
President Obama can’t even kill a pesky fly in one of his publicize White House interviews without being hounded by them. Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, was criticized by Peta because there was a clip of a butcher severing the head of a turkey right behind Palin’s interview at a turkey slaughtering plant.
Now another famous person, socialite Kim Kardashian is in hot water with Peta. In her recent photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar in Australia, Kardashian was snapped as held a black cat by the scruff of its neck without supporting it.
Peta is not happy with Kim and the picture because they found it very offensive. The photo agency had to issue a statement on Kim behalf saying she was not mistreating the cat.

Peta is one organization that gets me fired up whenever I hear their name, because the thought of what they do makes me sick.
If Peta is not busy attacking a celebrity, then they will be attacking the food industries like McDonald, Burger King, KFC, and Taco Bell.
The reason why I do not approve of Peta is because I am African girl. So from my point of view, from where I grow up, I have seen many animals killed, used for food and their hide for wears.
The Bible said that God told Adam and Eve to be dominion over all plant and animals, just as to all humans are to do now and forever. So who are we to defy God’s orders? I can understand the fact that Peta wants protect animals people use domestically as pets like dogs, cats, horse, goldfish and dolphins.
Peta is imposing their ideologies on people trying to scare them into vegetarianism and to stop wearing animal furs. They have shown behind the scene clips and videos of the horrific treatments of the animal of all kinds.
Don’t get me wrong, Peta is entitled to do what they feel is right, but they should stop forcing they ideologies on people who don’t like them.
Like Me!

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