Monday, March 15, 2010

Mystery Character Revised

A poet and an entertainer is what I am.
I teach, write, act, produce, and recording artist. I have achieved Grammy Awards and collected many honorary degrees from across the United States.
I went to high school where I took drama and dance classes. I worked part time outside of school at many different jobs like a cook, cocktail waitress, streetcar conductor, and dancer. I became an unwed mother at sixteen, did drugs which I was not proud of, and moved to Africa for a while. I later, fell in love and married a man, but the marriage didn’t last.
To support my son, I had to take a job as a dancer and from there on I have being successful and started performing all over the United States and Europe.
I have seen sorrow and experienced pain.

I am getting old and wrinkled, because I am 80 years of age but my wisdom makes me feel younger. I am five foot three in height and I have a little white in front of my hair.I am an African-American woman

I inspire people and the media. To me the words are tools. I feel proud of my African heritage for I became assistant administrator of the School of Music and Drama in a University in Ghana. I read and study hard, I sing, dance, and speak five languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and a West African language Fanti. I am a good cook for I also wrote a cook book.
Today I just use my words of poetry as a weapon to heal, entertain and love.

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