Thursday, March 15, 2012

Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen

This is a mind blowing video of a father shooting his spoiled daughter laptop after he came across a rude and explicit letter she wrote on her facebook space about him and the family while trying to fix the laptop for her.
The video is about 8mintues long and as the father read her letter I cringed at the choice words Hannah used for her father. I wondered can a teen be this cruel, spoiled and brainless? OMG children no longer respect their parents or have any regard for their parents but themselves. Right now the video now has over 31 million viewers and (clapping) I give Tommy Jordan a big hand for what his did to address the situation. It not what I would recommend or do when I have kids but it certainly a way to put you foot down to a rebellious and spoilt child, whose crying out loud over some menial house chores she is to do AND suppose to do.
Where is the tough love?
Teens like Tommy Jordan’s teen make it difficult for parents to appreciate them when they need to be appreciated or make parent to really go overboard with their punishment. Hannah’s generation, that is this day in age generation of youths are very very disrespectful that is why the kind of Tommy Jordan’s Wake-up call is needed.
I understand teenagers because I was once a teenager. I know they act out, or teenage years are rebellious time, and trying to adapt and understand the world around them especially pop culture.
The media has really fueled today’s teenage rebellion, especially when there is plenty of time in their hands. When Hannah suppose to be doing her chores, she uses all that time to curse her parents explicitly and publicly on Facebook FACEBOOK!!!! Is she kidding me? Apparently Tommy Jordan provides all the necessities for his daughter like every parents should but Hannah felt she is above daughterly duties because they already have a maid to do that for her and (here it come) he suppose to pay her seriously??? (the spoilt brat walks all over him)
I grew up in Africa, where child upbringing is so different (definitely not being spoilt). Growing up in third world country like Nigeria, where there is poverty, corruption and not much opportunities like here in America; being spoilt is a big luxury, being disrespectful is absolutely not allowed and cursing your parents is unheard of. In Africa, we don’t spare the rod and spoilt the child. When I was disrespectful or don’t do my chores, I was whipped, caned, slapped and punished. At the end of the day I learnt how to respectful and responsible.
I watched other people’s response to the Tommy Jordan’s; Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen YouTube video, 90% of the response were positive and approved his way confronting his spoiled daughter. They said he did the right thing of shooting her laptop as a way of getting the upper hand. 5% were mixed, they like his confrontation but not the laptop shooting and the remaining 5% were down right negative; some said stuff like he has traumatized her with the shooting, it not going to solve the problem with her, he should be arrested, he shouldn’t have to spy on her laptop, and that she is a teenager, she has the right vent out what she feels blah blah etc. Among those negative responses is that of D.r Phil saying Tommy Jordan’s approach was very childish, the use of bad judgment and do not seem to solve the problem.
Jordan responded to D.r Phil video whose use his problem solving show for rating and money (Ha!! What a hypocrite). I watched one of D.r Phil shows where a little boy slapped his own mother on camera and all D.r Phil could say it that the child is traumatized by his mother. D.r Phil should just should just shut up and do what he does best of begin annoying. When I was her age, I didn’t have any computer but I was still taught responsibility. Hannah really has to wake up and know how good she has it.