Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fish Out of Water

Curiosity kills the cat; they say. Well that is true in my case. As I walk around campus and came across a poster for a Drag Show to be held at Morris Daily Auditorium. The Drag Show is presented by the Q.T.I.P. The full meaning of Q.T.I.P is (Queer Thoughtfully Interrupting Prejudice) a program solely for the gays and lesbians, bi-sexual, and transgender students.
This program is funded by the Mosaic Centre and it was their third annual Drag Show on campus. A drag show is show hosted by a drag queen who is usually a man dressed in drag or in women clothes and make-up for special occasions, usually because they are performing and entertaining as a host or hostess, stage artists at such event. Drag queens are also known as cross-dressers, they something look like a Transgender person.
The Show had about seven drag queens some of which are students and professional performers alike. I have never been to a drag show; I only see such shows on television, so I chose to curiously witness this evening event. It was truly an out of body experience because I never have been to a place filled with men dressed like woman and female stars impersonators.
Some look like Britney Spear and most looked like the highly anticipated Lady Gaga.
There were also some participating female drag queens (dressed as men), but despite there were ladies at the show, I could not help feeling out of place or more like fish out of water.
The show had a D.J that cranked up the volume of a mix of power ballads, nice oldies, and definitely, lots of Lady Gaga’s music. There were drag queens walking around the campus auditorium. The host for the event was a drag queen named Tiffany. He really knows how to work up a crowd because he hopped all over the stage and kept shouting “Make some noise” and the crowd went wild. There was a drag queen competition both male and female drag came on stage to show who look more like the celebrity they were impersonating followed by lots of singing, dancing, clapping and shouting from the queens and the crowd.
In the competition, there were lots of Lady Gaga impersonators and of course the drag queen named Jason who pull off the most look alike of Lady Gaga won the competition.
The Drag Show was not only for entertainment, but it is also a support ground for the gay community because ten percent of its proceeds will be donated to the Billy Defrank LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexual, and Transgender) Center. The show was truly a fish out of water experience for me.

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